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The agricultural factory Naturovo is the largest manufacturer of vegetable and fruit foods in Kaliningrad region. The company also processes, sorts and packages such products. The Naturovo brand, registered in Kaliningrad in 2013, belongs to LLC Fito-Balt, a Fito-Depo Group company.


Fito-Depo Group has worked in the region’s market since 1995. Originally, it delivered and sold vegetables and fruit from Poland. Now it imports from all over the world. Fito-Depo also works closely with Kaliningrad region’s farmers.
The company is one of the leaders in wholesale trading in vegetable and fruit foods, depot and transportation logistics of Kaliningrad region. This allows its owners to invest in state-of-the-art, foreign-made equipment for manufacturing and expanding the product assortment.


The company maintains a logistics center and a processing and manufacturing shop in Kaliningrad City, three vegetable storage centers in nearby districts and wholesale bases in Kaliningrad, Gusev and Baltiysk.


Открытие АФ Натурово, 2013 г АФ на выставке Балтик-Экспо 2014



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